June 17, 2021

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Pakistan and the Future of Technology

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Pakistan and the Future of Technology

technology advancement 2021

Technology Advancements must be accelerated to keep the pace with the times and prevent societies from collapsing under their own weight. Technological Advancements like Internet, mobile technology, Information technology, Global Positioning System, etc are a driving force for future progress. Pakistan is one of the developing nations, which are reaping maximum benefits of such technologies. In this article I would like to discuss about the technology advancement in Pakistan.


Research & Development Industry is the backbone of all advanced industries. This is why Pakistan has one of the most advanced industrial sectors. As per the latest report by the Business and Economic Research Council (BERC), Pakistan has the biggest proportion of IT companies among the developing nations. As a result of these developments we can say that IT industry is the backbone of the modern economy of Pakistan.


The market for IT is booming. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the Information technology field. There is also a huge supply of professionals who are equipped with all the latest technology skills and are ready to work in any of the organizations. All these factors combine to create a favorable environment for the entrepreneurs. As we know that innovation is the core strength of any country.


So there are many projects going on in different fields to improve technology advancements. Besides that there are many private sectors which are looking forward to utilize latest technologies. In order to promote technology research and technology advancement, both the government and private sector need to invest a lot in the R&D.


In the recent years, Pakistan has played a major role in the development of technology. A lot of researchers and developers have shifted to Pakistan in order to work and study in any of the technology-related universities and colleges. Due to this influx, the quality of education has increased a lot. There are many colleges and universities that are offering best quality education in the developing nations.


Technology has played an important role in shaping the economy of developing nations. A large number of businesses have come up in the developing nations and have offered job opportunities to millions of people. Due to technology, the travel and tourism industry has grown tremendously. So nowadays anyone from anywhere can visit any part of the world. The invention and technology have helped people to live a more comfortable life by improving their lifestyle and making their lives easier.


As per the latest report by the World Economic Forum, Pakistan and other developing nations are progressing at a faster pace in technology. The main reasons for this technology advancement are greater infrastructural development, higher levels of literacy and improvement in human capital. This technology advancement has made the overall lifestyle of a person easy by providing them various advanced facilities.


Advanced technology is not only useful for the individuals but also helps the business and society in general. It is evident from the above facts that technology has played a major role in shaping the economies of many developing nations. But still there are some challenges that developing nations are facing in using technology to its fullest potential. The governments of these countries are also doing a lot to take the technology forward. The main challenge for developing nations is to upgrade their infrastructures to handle the new technology and utilize it for the benefit of the society and business.


Most of the developed nations have a head start in the technology sector and are well equipped with the basic infrastructure to use it effectively. However, developing nations need to catch up with the developing world to be in competition with the developed nations. The most important technologies being used in Pakistan right now are Internet, mobile telephony, digital signage, 3D technology, mobile media and software. These are the basic infrastructures needed for a successful business and lifestyle. According to a recent research, Pakistan is expected to be number two in the world in the field of advanced technology. There are various other industries also which are reaping benefits from the technology advancement in Pakistan.


With an ever-growing knowledge base, developed nations can provide high quality services to the developing countries. It also enables the developed nations to keep abreast of the new developments in technology. Achieving this technology goal by the developing nations would enable them to continue to enjoy the fruits of technology without having to contribute much.


Development in technology and its advancements are very essential for all of us. The society needs to adopt the technology and use it for the betterment of everyone. Education, knowledge, inventions and advancements in all these sectors are the keys for the future. This technology has been able to help the whole of Pakistan to progress and prosper. I hope that the whole of Pakistan will be able to realize the dream of technology advancement and contribute something in this process. This dream can never die and so all of us must fulfill it.

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